De Stuiterbal

The process of behavior of- and between children is something that has always intrigued me. The behavior of a child can differ in various situations. Sometimes an explicit cause can be appointed to explain this behavior but often this isn’t the case and something complete different triggered the responses. Due to my experiences as a mother, childminder, junior league coach and as an instructor for minors contributed to my wealth of knowledge on children’s behavior. It instantly triggers me when a child isn’t at its best. Besides that, I also have lots of experiences in moving about as a child and of different cultures. This required me to accommodate quickly to the new circumstances including coping with my ADHD diagnoses. Due to my extensive knowledge, life experiences and in-depth courses I have developed myself into someone who is able to track down why a child isn’t at its best.

By letting the child experience that negative feelings can be altered into positive ones they are stimulated and trained to use those unique experiences and their strengths into their convenience. Currently and for future use. I continuously feel more motivated and exited to continue to do this great work when I receive positive feedback from the children and their parents.