Creative therapy

Sound of silence

Analysing drawings

Every child draws and does hand crafting. Some of them are more excited than others when doing so. It starts with just a few lines on paper or dots of clay but when they grow older, they are going to draw people, cars, houses and so on. Often those earlier works can’t be instantly recognized by adults but for the child who created the works everything is very clear. Unconsciously there is a story to be told with everything they make or do. Emotions and state of mind are very present and can be ‘read’ by experts. The use of colors, for instance, tells something about the child character and state of mind. Even the composition tells a lot about the inner beings. When you see change in the type of drawings your child is making combined with a change in behavior, this could indicate that there is something more to it than just having a bad day or period. It could indicate that there is something more to it. Please do not take this light.

How do we start the conversation?

Drawings or crafts are the base of the talk. This way your child learns how to express feelings and thoughts such as anger, fear, in secureness and so on. We teach to address these thoughts and to accommodate them within the mind and move on. This helps to strengthen your child’s mental health and creates a positive outlook to the future.


De Stuiterbal houses coaches that are experts on ‘reading’ children’s drawings and crafts. They are able, helped with some background information and checks, to form a still of what the drawing or craft really says. And what issues your child is having. Together we can work out a suitable solution and we can provide you with a toolbox for future use. In an open atmosphere we will work alongside your child by giving them tasks e.g., drawing, painting, portraying, meditation and games. Children will express themselves naturally as there is no right or wrong.